Golden Pageant Awards, the first of its kind across Africa is a proposed annual awards event by Classic Creative Media to bring the key players in the industry to meet and Network, as well as to recognize, reward and celebrate outstanding persons as well as brands in the Pageant/fashion industry, who have distinguished themselves by adding great value to position the Nigerian/African pageant and fashion industry and also Individuals or brands whose works have impacted lives in their community/nation to help add value to the nation’s economy. GPA will Also act as a vehicle in supporting, celebrating, promoting, and uplifting the achievements and advancements, also act as a watch-dog by ensuring that pageant organizers or brands maintain standard industry practice.


Our Mission

To be the best platform to promote, recognize and celebrate the efforts of outstanding players in the Pageant and fashion industries in Nigeria.


Our Vision

Using Pageantry as a platform, we will begin to showcase the undiluted news to the world globally, of a one Nigeria. A Nigeria that is not bound to a specific region, but rather united, self-sufficient, and willing and able to evoke social change that matters most in the communities of Nigeria and Nigerian in the diaspora around the world.


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© Classic Creative Media. All Rights Reserved

© Classic Creative Media. All Rights Reserved